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Dante at an Ellie Goulding Concert

The night air was cold. The sky was dark, with the stars all blotted out from the city lights. Life was thriving the way it only can when it's night time. Men were drunk. Women were drunk. People were in the process of becoming drunk. I've always wanted more from the night. I'm greedy for… Continue reading Dante at an Ellie Goulding Concert

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Global Summer/Vacation Playlist 2017 Pt.2

The vacation season is almost done. The cold winds are rising. - "Winter is coming", you say. Black fur draped around your shoulders, your long sword clasped in your hands. "Aye, Lord Stark. It is indeed". - Now that we have the embarrassing Game of Thrones references out of the way... It's a bittersweet time… Continue reading Global Summer/Vacation Playlist 2017 Pt.2

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Global Summer/Vacation Playlist 2017 pt.1

Music is a magical force. It can conjure emotions inside you that you didn't even know were there. The world is full of music, inspired by so many cultures, and sung by so many voices and composed of dozens of instruments. Listening to music from different places is an invigorating way of learning and sharing… Continue reading Global Summer/Vacation Playlist 2017 pt.1

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5 Anime for the Uninitiated

I have been watching Japanese anime since I was a baby. I didn't know what it was at first. I just knew that I loved it. It enraptured me, and inspired me to learn about a land, culture, and language far different from my own. Anime continues to thrill and inspire me, and I know… Continue reading 5 Anime for the Uninitiated


Can you swim?

Welcome to Mermaid Culture. Why mermaids you ask? Well, for one thing, they don't exist (most likely). They're fantasy, which means that in your imagination, and mine (besides the basic concept - human bodies, fish tails, seashells etc.) they can represent anything we want. I'm taking the idea of merfolk, and using it to address… Continue reading Can you swim?