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Wanderlust and the Privilege of a Few

With the current state of the world these days, notably, the prominence of migration crises, I wanted to explore the imbalance between those with the means and liberty to travel the world freely, and those with a far more restricted access to the world. It's actually quite crazy if you think about it. We are… Continue reading Wanderlust and the Privilege of a Few

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Fruits Basket’s Tohru Honda and her Path to Self-Acceptance

SPOILERS for the entire Fruits Basket manga. Tohru Honda, the kind-hearted, slightly oblivious heroine of Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket, is a fascinating study of a self-sacrificing female character. Selfless heroines are common in anime and manga, but Tohru is particularly noteworthy because her development throughout the series serves as an example of growing up, coming to terms with one’s… Continue reading Fruits Basket’s Tohru Honda and her Path to Self-Acceptance

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7 Anime I Watched in 2018

I watched quite a bit of anime in 2018. More than I had watched for a while, and it was fantastic! There were so many amazing shows, some which were continuing with new seasons, and some completely new ones. There was an anime for everyone last year. And here's hoping that 2019 will have some… Continue reading 7 Anime I Watched in 2018

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5 Anime for the Initiated

So, you've recently begun watching anime. Maybe you've seen a few series that you really enjoyed, like some of the entries on my  5 Anime for the Uninitiated list. You're officially an anime fan. Therefore, it's time to go to a higher level. It's best to check off some classics, and some cult status shows,… Continue reading 5 Anime for the Initiated

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Thoughts on the Windrush Scandal

When I was an undergraduate majoring in European Studies, I did a research project for a seminar class on the subject of migration. Being from the West Indies myself, I decided to focus on the Windrush; a period of migration of people from British West Indian colonies to Great Britain. Considering the recent Windrush scandal,… Continue reading Thoughts on the Windrush Scandal

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A Reflection Upon Time Travel – The Future and the Present (What I Learnt from Fruits Basket)

There's a manga I like called Fruits Basket. It's a cute and compelling story and a true examination of human emotions, friendship, and family. I can wax endlessly on all the things I love about Tohru Honda, the protagonist, and the diverse cast of characters that surround her, but there's a greater point that I… Continue reading A Reflection Upon Time Travel – The Future and the Present (What I Learnt from Fruits Basket)

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A Reflection Upon Time Travel – The Past

Living beneath such a vast sky, I sometimes wonder if anything will ever be enough. What's the best way of finding happiness? I've read that by being present, not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, but by just living in the current moment, you can find more satisfaction in your life. I don't know. What if… Continue reading A Reflection Upon Time Travel – The Past

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Cultural Imperialism?

The world is such a vast and diverse place that, unavoidably, there are countless ways in which perception can vary. The way we perceive is coloured by such things as culture, history, religion, and societal mores. Travelling and seeing the world is a great way to alter and widen perception. You learn that not everyone… Continue reading Cultural Imperialism?

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Global Summer/Vacation Playlist 2017 Pt.2

The vacation season is almost done. The cold winds are rising. - "Winter is coming", you say. Black fur draped around your shoulders, your long sword clasped in your hands. "Aye, Lord Stark. It is indeed". - Now that we have the embarrassing Game of Thrones references out of the way... It's a bittersweet time… Continue reading Global Summer/Vacation Playlist 2017 Pt.2