Global Summer/Vacation Playlist 2017 Pt.2

The vacation season is almost done.

The cold winds are rising. – “Winter is coming”, you say. Black fur draped around your shoulders, your long sword clasped in your hands. “Aye, Lord Stark. It is indeed”. – Now that we have the embarrassing Game of Thrones references out of the way…

It’s a bittersweet time of the year. For many of us, it’s almost time to return to work or school. No more aimlessly lazing in the sun and hanging out with friends. For some, the leaves will change colour and fall to the ground, it’ll be time to pull out trench coats and leg warmers and sip pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. Yet, we hold on to the last vestiges of this carefree time, we reflect on all the fun we had/wished we had, and for this, we need a soundtrack.  So without further delay…

5. South Korea: EXO-K – KoKoBop

EXO is my favourite Kpop group. They’re amazing. The singing, the dancing (I really can’t express enough how on point it all is), just everything is so much fun to watch. This song has a chill, reggae inspired undertone, joining the dozens of other songs which seem to be taking inspiration from the Caribbean lately. It’s also in Chinese, if you care to listen to that version. Become an EXO fan today 🙂

4. Trinidad: Nailah Blackman – Baila Mami

From Caribbean inspired music to actual Caribbean music. Soca is the party music of the West Indian island of Trinidad. If you’re still in denial that the vacation is ending, here’s a song to continue the partying. Nailah Blackman has a really distinct voice, which definitely contributes to the song’s infectiousness. So put it on and dance away the last days of the season.

3.  France/Cuba: Ibeyi- Away Away

There’ something spiritual about Ibeyi’s music. Twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz are such a talent. They usually incorporate the Yoruba language in their songs, which is just one of the elements of the amazing cultural and genre fusion of their music. This song is perfect for just relaxing and enjoying the breeze. It’s both reflective and uplifting, a combination you kind of need at the end of the day to help you focus on what’s next.

2. Sweden: Galantis- True Feeling

I feel like every summer soundtrack needs at least one great EDM song. The kind of song that makes you happy and grateful just to be alive at that moment. True Feeling by Swedish dj duo, Galantis, does that for me. It’s a fun song, you can jump to it, but it isn’t vapid. It’s the sort of song you want to hear and associate with good memories.

1. UK: George Ezra- Don’t Matter Now

This song has such beachy vibes. It’s been a while since George Ezra released a new song, and this one encapsulates the feel of carefree, youthful days so well. It’s just about living and releasing your worries. This is the kind of song you play when you’re having a great day, or when your day isn’t going so well and you just want to feel better. Summer may be ending but whatever will be, will be!


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